The main visa types are visitor visas, work permits and study permits. The electronic travel authorization (eTA) is the “light version” of a visitor visa, requiring citizens from visa-exempt countries to undergo a screening prior to coming to Canada.

Individuals coming from non-visa exempt countries must apply for a visitor visa in addition to a study permit/work permit.

The visitor’s visa is being placed into the passport at the Canadian embassy responsible for your application. In order to qualify for a Canadian visa, you have to prove that you have ties to your home country and that you leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay.



If you have been approved for a Canadian study permit or work permit from outside of Canada, a Port of Entry (POE) Letter of Introduction will be issued to you. This is not your visa/permit. You will present this letter at the Port of Entry during your interview and the border agent will make the final decision and issue your visa/permit on the spot.

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