canada green card, canadian citizenship applicationThere are two main immigration pathways to immigrate to get the “Canada Green Card”: Economic Immigration and Non-Economic Immigration.

Every program has its own specific requirements.

Due to the ongoing changes and modifications of programs, the information on this website is only basic and cannot be seen as a replacement for a consultation.

In Canada, we don’t use the word “Green Card”. We call it permanent residence card or PR card. That being said, the two mean the same thing: your right to live, work and move freely in the country of issuance.


Different programs have different requirements. Some of them impose conditions on the applicant. If you were nominated as an entrepreneur immigrant by a province, chances are you are expected to create at least one job for a Canadian within a certain period of time.

Please note that the government of Canada has eliminated the conditional permanent residence for sponsored spouses / common law partners in August 2017.

Under the old regulation, sponsored spouses / common law partners had to live with their sponsor for two years if, at the time they applied:

  • Their relationship was less than two years; and
  • They had no children in common.

For further information on Canadian immigration, program requirements and fees, please contact us for a consultation.