Private individuals looking to hire foreign workers for their domestic home can do so under two tracks: the caring for children class and the caring for people with high medical needs class. Caregivers can become permanent residents after 2 years of living and working in Canada and must plan to live outside of Quebec.

The program was previously referred to as Live-in Caregiver Program. That program is closed and is now called the Caregiver Program. It is no longer possible to apply for a Work Permit under the old program.


Differences between the programs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Caregivers can no longer be obligated to live with their employer
  • New rules apply to Permanent Residency Requirements after 2 years of working as a Caregiver, including the requirement to hold a 12 month post-graduate degree

Canadian Permanent Residency applications under the “old” live-in caregiver program are no longer processed, unless the foreign national’s initial entry as a live-in caregiver was based on an LMIA that was requested from Service Canada on or before November 30th, 2014.

If you are an individual looking to hire an in-home caregiver or are planning to come to Canada as a caregiver, please contact us for a consultation